hy590海洋之神3380: Discipline Construction

Mining Engineering

(1)Rock Mechanics and Ground Control

(2)Theories and Methods in Mineral Exploitation

(3)Green Mining

(4)Intelligent Mining

(5)Ecological Mines

(6)Chemical Mining

(7)Surface Mining

(8)Deep Mining

(9)Disaster Prevention

(10)Underground Space Engineering

(11)Mining Planning and Sustainability

Traffic & Transportation

(1)Transportation Planning and Management

(2)Rail Transit Technology and Engineering

(3)Traffic Safety

(4)Logistics Management and Engineering

(5)Transportation Technology in Mining Area

(6)Comprehensive Utilization of Urban Underground Space

Industrial Engineering

(1)Production Systems Engineering

(2)Supply Chain and Logistics Engineering

(3)Quality and Reliability Engineering

(4)Production and Service Engineering

(5)Enterprise Management Informatization and System Integration

(6)Economic Analysis Evaluation and Decision-Making

(7)Human Factors Engineering

(8)Mineral Resources Planning and Evaluation

(9)Mining Systems Engineering