hy590海洋之神3380: 科学研究




Focusing on scientific advances and significant issues during the development of economic society, theoretical researches and technological innovation are carried out in the School of Mines to meet the demand of national energy. By now, the school has built several state-level platforms for teaching and research, which involves “State Key Laboratory of Coal Resources and Safe Mining”, “Key Laboratory of Deep Coal Resource Mining” and “Jiangsu Provicne Key Laboratory of Mine Earthquake Monitoring”. The discipline of mining Engineering has been listed in key discipline construction of national “211 project”, “985 Advantage Discipline Innovation Platform” and “world-class universties and world-class disciplines”. It has been ranked first in the national discipline evaluation and keeps its leading role in the world.

During 11th Five-year Plan, the School has undertaken 93 national research projects including “973 project” and “863 project”, 168 research projects at provincial or ministerial level and completed more than 1000 univerity-enterprise cooperation projects. The total research funds have reached 720 million RMB with government sponsored research of 120 million RMB. In addition, the School has granted 12 national science and technology awards such as “National Prize for Progress in Science and Technology” and “National Technology Invention Awards”, 141 provincial or ministerial science and technology awards, 375 patents and more than 10 software copyrights. Besides, 8 industrial standards have been set, and more than 150 academic papers have been published and cited by SCI, and over 400 papers have been published and cited by EI. Over 80 books have been published. The School gains reputation on academic circles both at home and abroad.


研究方向 Research Area

矿业工程 Mining Engineering

1)岩体力学与岩层控制 Rock Mechanics and Ground Control

2)矿产资源开采理论与方法 Theories and Methods in Mineral Exploitation

3)绿色开采 Green Mining

4)智能开采 Intelligent Mining

5)生态矿山 Ecological Mines

6)化学开采 Chemical Mining

7)露天开采 Surface Mining

8)深地开采 Deep Mining

9)灾害防控 Disaster Prevention

10)地下空间工程 Underground Space Engineering

11)矿业规划与可持续 Mining Planning and Sustainability


交通运输工程 Traffic & Transportation

1)交通运输规划与管理 Transportation Planning and Management

2)轨道交通技术及工程 Rail Transit Technology and Engineering

3)交通运输安全 Traffic Safety

4)物流管理与工程 Logistics Management and Engineering

5)矿区运输技术 Transportation Technology in Mining Area

6)城市地下空间综合应用 Comprehensive Utilization of Urban Underground Space


工业工程 Industrial Engineering

1)生产系统工程 Production Systems Engineering

2)供应链与物流工程 Supply Chain and Logistics Engineering

3)质量与可靠性工程 Quality and Reliability Engineering

4)产品与服务工程 Production and Service Engineering

5)企业管理信息化与系统集成 Enterprise Management Informatization and System Integration

6)经济分析评价与决策 Economic Analysis Evaluation and Decision-Making

7)人因工程 Human Factors Engineering

8)矿产资源规划与评价 Mineral Resources Planning and Evaluation

9)矿业系统工程 Mining Systems Engineering